Coworking Space

ART Coworking is a new initiative undertaken from the team of ART Hostel & Apartments in Tirana.

We are opening our doors to more that just our guests, to offer anyone the space and facilities they need for their academic and/or professional journey.

If you're a student, freelancer or a professional in a work trip, looking for the perfect working space, look no further as you've found us!

We offer a quiet and motivating space with various settings to choose from. Free high speed wifi; More outlets than we can count; Working and chilling corners; Bar & snacks; Opportunity to network with fellow students and professionals.

Come work for free the first month and decide for yourself what's best for you :)

Looking forward to support you in your journey!

For bookings or more information, please contact us.

# PeopleDurationPrice
11 DayALL 1000.00
11 WeekALL 5000.00
11 MonthALL 20000.00
13 MonthsALL 18000.00 /month
16 MonthsALL 17000.00 /month
11 YearALL 16000.00 /month